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        Top 7 Important Home Tips To Protect Your Environment Right Now

        Top 7 Important Home Tips To Protect Your Environment Right Now

        10 Jul 2020

        Top 7 Important Home Tips To Protect Your Environment Right Now

        Since a decade, the environment has become a prime topic of the discussion and many international governments have levied mandatory controls on individuals to protect our earth. 

        Economic times quoted: Don’t blow it – good planets are hard to find. Meaning to this is not hard to understand. And each small step would bring a big change. 

        Environment pollution is one of the intense topics that we are reading since childhood. It is hard to believe how the usage of small household items contributes to marking a big change in our green environment. 

        Schools & Colleges have initiated many go- green campaigns, famous 3R campaigns (reuse, recycle and reduce) and bio-degradable usage campaigns to teach us to minute changes to bring in our household in order to create a healthy environment. 

        Why Is It Important To Protect Your Environment?

        This An year back, The brand Panasonic took an initiative to protect the environment. ‘I Recycle’ is a famous campaign that recycles all your electronic items like mobiles, discarded laptops, computer systems and more. 

        The important message here is that it is we who polluted and it is we who should clean. This blog will tell you quick home tips to protect your environment right now:

        1. Use Paper Products

        The first thing to do when you reach your home is throw away aluminium foil. It is not a viral story but a serious alert when scientist to completely discard usage of aluminium in homes. Instead, you should order food paper wraps. Food paper wraps are way healthier than aluminium because: 

        1. Aluminium foil is causing memory loss, loss of bone density and psychological problems

        2. Just because it is available in abundance, doesn’t mean it is environment-friendly. Aluminium in non-biodegradable causing sickness to our earth. 

        Try to use paper cups & plates. Paper comes from trees and goes back to nature. Hence using paper can never cause environmental pollution. 

        2. Promote Reuse 

        Reusing will help you to create less waste. It is not possible to avoid waste when you are living in families but you can reduce the wastage by reusing household items as much as you can. Firstly, try using dry kitchen towels to clean any dirt in the kitchen other than using water to wash. Water is one of the most important survival element and shall be saved before it reaches its vulnerability. 

        Also, if you can, use kitchen towels which are biodegradable and reusable for cleaning. This will not only save water but product wastage. It will be more economical for you to buy long-lasting towels for cleaning. 

        Resuing can also work best with the popular contest “best out of waste” that happens around the world in schools & colleges. For instance, cut short plastic bottle to make a space for your plant. You can create a wall of plants in your garden or backyard. 

        3. Use Natural Products

        Using natural products can entirely change your living and you will start feeling better every day. It is because each natural product is made out of nature. Use of honey in green tea is more effective than brown sugar.  In fact, new technology is bringing even small house items to be a product of natural by-products.

        For a start, nature made products like sugarcane pulp napkins, made of tree pulp and are purely biodegradable. You can online buy Feather’s napkins as they create 3 layer absorbing napkins for better usage. 

        Even for your daily use, keep a natural tree pulp facial tissue paper instead of fancy tissue. Being close to nature will always be an advantage in life

        4.Create No Waste

        As the millennials say in their youtube videos, to live another day, you need to minimize the amount of waste you create in a day. Videos online are filled with information to diminish waste. There are several easy ways to reduce waste in the home. 

        1. Buy grocery items in bulk other than a small amount. 5 pouches of 1 kg sugar will create more plastic packets than 5 kg packet of sugar.  

        1. Use quickly absorb toilet rolls that are flushed easily other than adding to your garbage. You can buy it now stock online to save on plastic wraps and get a chance to grab the best holiday discounts

        1. Lastly, make a composite in your backyard to put all your waste veggies and fruits. This will not only provide you with better soil for your plants but also help you to cover your waste items to save the environment. 

        5.Become Eco-Friendly

        Eco-friendly is another way to initiate go-green steps at your home. To know how to be eco-friendly at home in simple steps, here are the ways: 

        1. Use jute or paper bags other than handing plastic bags. ‘Say no to plastic’ is a famous banner hanging outside markets to avoid usage of plastic. It s true that plastic creates a fuss in the environment and is a non-recyclable element. 

        1. Cut down on energy in your home. Switch off electrical appliances when not in use. Being eco-friendly implies to save electricity in order to protect our burning environment. 

        6. Save Flowing Water

        Water flowing a big issue worldwide. Using water flowing water while car washing is also prohibited. So start with small initiatives and keep facial tissues handy. Avoid using water to wash your face every time, and you use extra soft tree pulp facial tissues to wipe the dirt off easily. 

        7. Promote Recycle

        Recently I studied regarding ‘I recycle’ campaign started by Panasonic India wherein they recycle all electronic items like computers, phones, tablets and mobile watches. Their service team collect these items from your home and recycles them using technology. 

        It is a great initiative other than throwing away used products.  

        In Conclusion, protecting our environment is everyone’s responsibility. A small step can do wonders. There is a famous saying, ‘charity begins at home’. Adapting these home tips to protect your environment will make your surroundings a better place to live. 

        These are 7 basic rules to adapt to your everyday life. Other than this, you can signup for email bills other than wasting paper on a paper bill. Make the famous 3 R’s your household motto for better living. ‘Reduce, Reuse & Recycle’ are the must vision to stop environmental pollution. 

        Why don’t you do a little change to make a big impact & share your stories with us? 

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