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        Top 10 New Year 2020 Challenges You Can Keep For Your Lifestyle

        Top 10 New Year 2020 Challenges You Can Keep For Your Lifestyle

        10 Jul 2020

        Top 10 New Year 2020 Challenges You Can Keep For Your Lifestyle


        New Year is about the party, cheers, new gifts, new changes and lastly, some New Year challenges. During our school time, we took little challenges to add some fun and compete with our friends. Like to lessen chalk wastage, reduce food wastage and in the early twenties, we challenge to reduce mobile hours and now we mostly challenge to save the earth before we fully pollute it. 

        What is the most common resolution we all have fallen for and none of us really can last? Working out, joining the gym, morning walks, exercise and diet control are topping the list and saving money is cherry on the top. 

        But how many of us lasted a month with our resolutions? It is so difficult to stick to it even when we know the good reasons behind it. Mostly the reason for breaking your New Year challenge was that you did it alone.

        Top 10 Challenges To Change Your Lifestyle Now

        So we decided to shortlist 10 such challenges which you can take and even challenge your friends.  Take anyone 3 challenges with all your friends and family and see the difference. 

        1. Use Jute Over Plastic Challenge

        Yes, this is one of the hardest challenges as we all forget to carry our jute bags when leaving to gather veggies. Plastic is simply destroying our planet and we all know it. We all have seen it in videos of how plastic waste is killing water animals. 

        Why keep this exasperating pain on our hand when we can simply use jute bags over plastic. It is affordable and long-lasting. There are so many designs online that you can stand out of the crowd and challenge others to use it.  

        1. Grow More Trees Challenge

        There is no reasoning in why we need trees as we need them for survival. Now and then we read about tree growers and treehuggers trying to protect trees being shut down. Well, the debate is too long in whether we need trees or we need modernization. 

        Cutting trees is a need for the modern world to grow infrastructure. But is it important to cut trees them even for small items like paper napkins? Hence, we challenge you to use products that do save your trees and not cut them. Try this challenge by using Feather’s paper napkins made from sugarcane waste pulp

        So the challenge is very simple and easy. Let’s grow more trees. To make the challenge a bit harder, challenge your institution to grow it every month. If one can grow 12 trees in a year, imagine what millions can do. 

        1. Reduce Water Wastage Challenge

        Save water challenge is to save a cup of water every day. We use water for almost everything. Starting from washing cars, cleaning every spill in the kitchen, sweeping home and more. So decide where can you save one cup of water every day to keep up the challenge. 

        We decided to save for the kitchen spill. Other than opening tap, we invested in kitchen towels that absorb water keeping it clean and dry. You can buy it on Amazon online and save a few bucks. 

        1. Reduce Technology Challenge

        Aren’t you already done with technology? If not, give yourself 3 hours in a day without using any technological device. No laptops, computers, TV and phones. Well, this is not for your home, this challenge is for your benefit. 

        Utilize that time to read a real book and not kindle, play with your pets or family members in real and not on Pub G, ride a bike or sit in a park, make a new dish or simply meditate. Whatever you choose to do, share with us and others too. If you cannot take 3 hours challenge, try for 1 hour and then increase your time. It is a challenge for your better tomorrow. 

        1. Save Electricity Challenge

        Consider switching off lights, heaters and AC for a while. It is obvious that using it for more than 15 hours have a harmful impact not just on our environment but also on our health and fitness.  So the challenge is to reduce 2 hours in your daily usage to see the change. 

        Well, change takes time it begins at home. Start with yourself and spread the rumour around. Just spend 2 hours every day with a minimum of electricity. The challenge is for you and the environment. 

        1. Save Environment Challenge

        The famous 3 R’s. reduce, recycle and reuse were our best friends while we studied science in 8th. The 3 rs are revolving around and coming back in this challenge. Every surround is our environment and we must protect it. By duty, we mean following the R’s. 

        To assist you in the challenge we decided to introduce a few eco-friendly products which you are not aware of. Reduce means to lessen the wastage, recycle means products that you can recycle or decompose. Final reuse is simply using the products again and again. To initiate, start using eco-friendly toilet rolls that are easily dissolvable and reduces environment wastage

        resue recycle reduce image

        1. Save Self Challenge

        The most important challenge is to save yourself from everyday pollution. Controlling pollution is not a day’s job but saving your skin from it is possible. Make it mandatory to wipe your face clean with facial tissues every time after driving. If you are starting a challenge, use Pure Tree Pulp Biodegradable tissues to keep your recycling challenge on. 

        1. Avoid Food Wastage Challenge

        Food is essential for living and wasting food is every house problem. Let us take a challenge to avoid wastage of food. Bring New Year 2020 to enlighten the ways of living a life, healthy and beautiful. 

        Even if you have cooked more, do not throw it away, instead share it with neighbours as a celebrating custom, share it with underprivileged as a gesture of good or save it in food paper wraps for the next day. 

        1. Use Carpool Challenge

        Petrol and diesel are two reasons why we have so much pollution in our world. Though countries are taking extensive measures to control, we should too. Eradicating pollution is not possible but we can control the crude effects of it. 

        We challenge you to carpool, use public transport or the best, use bicycles. It is now a trend in my cities of India to use cycles instead of bikes and cars. So why don’t you click a photo of how are you contributing to this challenge? 

        1. Save natural resources

        What are our natural resources? Anything which is not mankind is a gift of nature and we need to restore them. Your each day contribution can have a huge impact on achieving a go-green surrounding. You save your resources and the world will have many more luxurious years to give in return. 

        Pollution is taking away your pure oxygen, excessive usage of paper is taking away our beloved trees, plastic is taking over the ocean

        Let us start a Campaign #letssavechallenge to save something for the next generation. Let us take these challenges to switch to natural resources products in the year 2020. 

        What do you think about ways to save our New Year? Share the challenge you took and get to know what others are taking. Start your New Year month with a new trend and share it with us. Use #Challengeaccepted to illustrate your challenge and how are you keeping it up. 

        “Welcome New Year with new lifestyle challenges”

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