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        Bagasse Napkins can make you Sustain Life Better, Here’s How.

        Bagasse Napkins can make you Sustain Life Better, Here’s How.

        10 Jul 2020

        In this Yuga, people are thriving to save resources and optimally utilize them in order for their coming generations to have the best of what is left. Nature has provided enough for all, but, the exploitation of the resources in previous years has kept sustainability on stake and for a brighter future for the coming generations we need to cut down on the use of resources and also use them in a smarter way.

        So, York Cellulose, the largest paper manufacturers that are well known for manufacturing eco-friendly paper have taken the initiative, one small step to optimally utilize the prevalent resources. Feather’s, a product of York Cellulose brings you Bagasse Napkins made of Sugarcane waste. 

        This is one small step to utilize one part of nature optimally to save up for the coming generation. Napkins being an essential and made of paper is exploiting the resource to its peak. What if the paper is made from eco-friendly means that causes less harm to both nature and you. The pledge you took of being organic to sustain life can now be implemented in your daily essentials too.

        Napkins are part of your daily chores. Whether you want to instantly dry the utensil or you want to wipe the grease off your fingers after having fritters, napkins can be found in each sphere on each part of our house, be it our dining table, over the microwave counter and even on the bedside table. 

        Here are 10 reasons why you should switch to Bagasse Napkins right away: -

        1. Biodegradable - Feather’s Bagasse Napkins are made from sugarcane pulp and are Biodegradable. These eco-friendly napkins can be disposed of in the green dustbin of your homes and office spaces. They are not only a positive thing to nature but also have a positive impact on your kids and family. These Napkins are free from harmful Dyes and added Perfumes.

        1. Processed from Sugarcane Pulp - Feather’s Bagasse Napkins are processed and made from the Sugarcane Pulp; Bagasse that contains 45-50% of moisture content and consisting of a mixture of hard fiber with soft and smooth pith, now I am relieved! Because next time I go to the Sugarcane Juice shop I will not have to worry about the waste ending up in the dumping grounds and rivers eventually. The sugarcane Pulp is finally got to some good use.

        2. Extra-soft - These Sugarcane Pulp Paper Napkins are super soft as they have been processed to suit your need for daily usage. The napkins do not have the harshness of the sugarcane pulp and do not end up made into a harsh napkin that is not likable for the daily utility.

        1. Super absorbent - Try laying it on the spillage on your dining table the Sugarcane Pulp Napkin is capable of absorbing the spillage spread without creating any mess. These moisture-retaining napkins are processed keeping its thickness and the quality to absorb intact.

        2. Hygienic Napkins - Feather’s Bagasse Napkins being processed from the sugarcane pulp are environment-friendly and hence hygienic to come in contact with the eatables on the table, the empty utensil or the sensitive skin of the baby. They are also free from any added dyes or perfumes. The sugarcane pulp napkins are therefore safe to use in daily lives.

        3. Free from added perfumes and dyes - While all the other napkins have luring colors with the addition of the Optical Brightening Agent (OBA) in their napkins the Feather’s Bagasse Napkins have a natural color on the napkins. No added dyes and perfume are used in the process of producing the napkins for its usage as a final product.

        1. Premium Quality - Feather’s Bagasse Napkins even after being derived from the harsh sugarcane pulp is processed in such a manner that a premium quality paper is delivered in the form of a Bagasse Napkin. Bagasse in itself means that the product is delivered from the sugarcane pulp.

        Let’s find some more products made of sugarcane pulp!

        1. Used as - Feather’s Bagasse Napkins can be used as cocktail napkins that give you a new color to display on the table. This not only makes the table elegant like the Naturally White Cocktail Napkin would do but also keeps you an eco-friendly person with elegance. The environment-friendly Bagasse Napkins can sustain life better.

        1. Natural - Being attained from the sugarcane pulp, we all understand that the Sugarcane Pulp Napkins are made of a natural resource that is best known for its properties of absorbency and the napkins have not been processed with added dyes and perfumes and which gives it a natural color. The color of the Feather’s Bagasse Napkins is brown in color and the brown also varies in each napkin.

        Get Feather’s Bagasse Napkins at Flat 20% off Today, only at YorkCellulose

        1. Strong - the making with the sugarcane pulp has made the Feather’s Bagasse Napkins strong. Even with a 2 ply, i.e., double layer of the Napkin Paper Sheet the Bagasse Napkins are super strong and can retain moisture in it. They are the Renewable paper option that promotes sustainable living. 

        Take a small step in each of your choices, use Feather’s Bagasse Napkins a renewable paper option that will promote better living.

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